Learning Approach

The Ideative Enterprise Academy thrives on learning through imaginative play! At the Academy, learning is so much fun because our learners:

Discover themselves in new, refreshing ways

Stir their thinking through intellectually intense discussions

Find creative expression through practice

Engage collaboratively with other delegates

Prepare for better results in life and at work through action planning!

Our Approach for helping learners learn is rooted in a three-thronged model:

Every of our program begins with interesting paper-based or online assessments across personal discovery, leadership competencies, managerial proficiency or organizational performance; to create a baseline for understanding where things currently are.

The core of the Academy is the training classes themselves, delivered mostly in modular style to create a framework for learning, guided interactions and feedback.Our Programs usually embeds videos, case studies, team-building games, syndicate discussions, innovation projects, tests and presentations.

The Academy promotes a strong review and evaluation culture that tests learning, evaluates mind-shifts and stirs delegates to produce action plans for creating new results based on new knowledge.

Our Facilitators

We've got the brightest minds across the Industry

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