The Ideative Enterprise Academy is our energetic learning hub for delivering case-based and application-driven training programmes that help our clients catalyse innovation, generate results, become Masters of the Game and create change.

The Courses at the Academy are provided in a fine blend of email-based, online and on-site interventions; taught by a bright faculty with sterling subject matter expertise and offers 21st-century tested thinking for personal and workplace success.



IEA’s Exclusive Courses, unique to us and currently running as Public Programmes open to individual delegates:

This is a week-long rigorous incubation for individuals who desire to understand where great ideas come from, how to spark the inner energy for executing “impossible” dreams and envisage the future of nations by creating it. Register for the next opening

This two-day program covers a rich suite of the most powerful skills for discovering self, setting audacious goals, gaining influence, becoming a Master and leaping over limitations. Taught alongside an acclaimed short reading sent ahead of class and a number of proficiency tests in class. Register for the next opening

One of IEA’s most animated and engaging courses providing an assortment of tools for personal discovery, self-leadership, life productivity and business/ career mastery. It integrates a strong coaching format, practical interactions and an online personality assessment. Register for the next opening here.

This short course uncovers the nature of innovation and triggers that create it within systems, societies and organizations. It is an intellectually intense session aided by latest research, case-base debates, stimulating videos and a group innovation project. Register for the next opening

Our Titanium Public Speaker MasterClass is a most memorable program that puts your mouth where your money is. It brings the world stage to you, crafting the intersection between talent and dexterity! You’d learn the fine art of public speaking and the wonder of holding audiences spell-bound! Register for the next opening

A very hands-on course that help trainers and facilitators grow their specialty to deliver stimulating training, coordinate team-building sessions, manage meetings and inspire groups to collective action. We share the biggest trade secrets and offer a lavish step-by-step toolkit.

a sophisticated program offering first-hand insight into activating innovation through transformational leadership that responds adeptly to rapidly changing environments, understands how the global economy works as well as adapts to technologies and knowledge shaping the future.

IEA’s Customized Courses, are provided only to organizations or groups based on demand. We provide learning interventions across Personal Development Skills, Function-Specific Skills as well as Leadership and Management Competencies.

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The Academy integrates introspective coaching as a distinctive value proposition for deep-rooted learning that produces personal change and deliberate growth. We have flagship coaching programmes that engage participants on an individual and group basis over longer periods of time.
The Coaching is significantly email-based, one-on-one and driven by active questioning with a disciplined feedback system.
IMMERSE Academy for Women – is our flagship coaching program for women is based on 30 questions for 30 days. Learn more about IMMERSE here and listen to the testimonials of past participants.