Ideation Hub Africa is a pan-African social enterprise focused on igniting innovation and social prosperity in Africa, by equipping businesses and development actors to create value and solve burning social issues.

Our vision is accomplished through capacity building for for-profit as well as not-for-profit sectors, delivered by innovation labs, introspective coaching, tailored training as well as conference-style sessions – under Ideative Enterprise Academy and Social Good Lab.

is our energetic learning hub for delivering case-based and application-driven training programmes that help our clients innovate disruptively, generate results, become Masters of the Game and create change. Learn more>>
is a mission-driven, development-sector-focused platform of Ideation Hub Africa because we believe that Africa’s economic development lies significantly in its social prosperity. Our drive is to equip – social entrepreneurs, non-profit/ NGO professionals, CSR practitioners, development actors and government stakeholders – to deliver effectively on their social mission; through tailored learning, collaborative engagement, research and social enterprise advice. Learn more>>

What is Ideative Enterprise?

Ideative – “of, relating to, or produced by ideationIdeation – “to form an idea of; imagine or conceive”

At Ideation Hub Africa, we believe that people and organizations can create the ideas that shape the future and change the world. Ideative Enterprise is a concept and framework we are building to uncover “the business of ideas”.

We say that Ideative Enterprise is the art of envisioning, experimenting, engaging and expanding the big ideas that turn the world right side up. For great ideas to emerge beyond today’s realities; we must learn, test and master the systems within which they grow!


We are a team of young, dynamic and forward-thinking innovators who see beyond the odds, create new possibilities, search for solutions from the most unlikely places and instill a new can-do culture in people and organizations! We are incredibly good at what we do (excellence), extremely fervent in what we believe (sense of mission), genuinely interested in every client we serve (service) and increasingly knowledgeable about what Africa’s real needs (expertise)!

Debola Deji-Kurunmi

Debola Deji-Kurunmi is the Executive Director at Ideation Hub Africa. An Estate Management graduate from Obafemi Awolowo University, she is also a Certified Workplace Personality Profile Analyst, a Certified Job Evaluation Analyst and a World Bank Approved Facilitator. Read More>>

Mojisola Adebanjo

Mojisola Adebanjo is the Program Manager at Ideation Hub Africa. Mojisola is a youth development enthusiast and a dynamic social innovator. Her passion cuts across equipping youths with personal development and leadership skills which helps them maximize their potentials. Learn more>>

Alexandra Femi-Ademola

Alexandra is the Program Officer at Ideation Hub Africa. An Economics graduate of Obafemi Awolowo University, she is versatile and assiduous with a practical approach to administration, learning and problem solving. Read More>>